Meat poultry mites

Parasitidae and other species

In the production of ducks, turkeys or broiler chickens in buildings with a straw area, you can encounter outbreaks of mites. These gather in aggregates on the partitions, the material and the edges of the building. They are sometimes mistakenly confused with red lice. These mites belong to several species and develop on the decomposition of straws or on the hosts present during this decomposition. These mites can become a problem for animals by causing stress and nervousness.

Meat poultry mites

Life cycle

The breeder becomes aware of the infestation by the presence of clusters of mites on the partitions and on the equipment. These mites are very mobile when disturbed. They are easily identifiable with the naked eye and occur after a hot and humid episode. These infestations can cause stress and nervousness for animals.


They are sometimes mistakenly confused with red mite because of their aggregation behavior and their dark color. Several species are incriminated, often from the Parasitidae family. These mites consume nematodes, midge larvae, dust mites… They are never found on living animals but can colonize a corpse. Example species: Parasitus femorum; Pergamasus longicornis.

Control methods

Chemical means are not very suitable because they are not selective of the good and bad elements of the fauna present in the breeding. It is more advantageous to opt for a biological control solution. For this it is advisable to use TAURRUS PRO which contains an effective predatory mite against these pest mites.

TAURRU PRO contains very small predatory mites (hardly visible to the naked eye) that eat red mite but also Parasitidae species. A bucket of TAURRUS® should be used for 1,500 to 2,000 animals as a cure (renew 2 or 3 times a year).