Outdoor fly trap. A unique bait for mass trapping adult flies.

The Appibuster trap was developed specifically to capture flies in livestock environments. Its long-lasting attractant

(6-8 weeks) contains no animal matter, fishmeal or egg powder and allows the attraction of a wide spectrum of fly species while avoiding the capture of non-target species. Appibuster should be used outdoors only for best effectiveness.

How does it work

Livestock buildings are fragrant and therefore attractive to flies from outside or from the neighbourhood. The Appibuster trap will allow the capture of these flies before they enter a building or premises. An irresistible fly bait is placed inside the bucket. Flies are also attracted to the color yellow. The flies enter the bucket through the strategically placed non-return cones, they then remain trapped in the bucket and drown in the solution. The Appibuster trap is used outdoors for better efficiency. For overall fly management, consider using Biomite, Biowasp and Biofly auxiliaries inside buildings. The Appibuster trap is easy to use.

How to apply

Pour the bait into the yellow bucket to which you must first attach the non-return cones. Then add 5 liters of water and stir gently. Place the trap outside the building to be protected, near the milking parlor or on the way cattle return from pasture. Place the trap in the sun, ideally at a height of 100 to 150 cm. After a few days the bait activates and begins to capture adult flies.

Use between 4 and 6 traps around a 1000 square meter building. Renew the bait when the trap is full.

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