Bestico Stable Fly Trap

The trap against stomoxys commonly called stable fly or biting fly.

Trap for catching stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans). This species commonly known as stable fly is a species of fly that has spread all over the world. It is mainly found around farms or animals. They bite a large number of animals: cows, horses, pigs, dogs and even humans. They bite to draw blood which they consume. The bites are painful and cause stress for the animals.

How does it work

For optimal control of stable fly populations, action should be taken on all stages of the pest. Use BIOMITE and BIOWASP predators in stable and manure breeding sites for control of immature stages. The trap is used as a supplement outdoors for adult control. Locate the trap near areas where animals rest, transit or wait. Promote direct exposure to the sun and favor installation near vegetation or a building. The trap is preferably placed out of reach of animals

About Bestico Stable Fly Trap

After 4 years of experimentation in a major European university, the BESTICO STABLE FLY TRAP was introduced to the market. This outdoor trap is very effective for capturing adults of Stomoxys calcitrans. Thanks to attraction panels offering the exact color with a very specific wavelength for the attraction of this species. Arrived at a short distance from the trap, the infrared emission, the temperature and the light play an important role in capturing these flies. Once inside the trap, the flies are guided to a collection system from which they cannot exit. It is an effective, selective and ecological solution. The BESTICO STABLE FLY TRAP is easy to install and requires no maintenance. It is sufficient to empty the collection bin regularly. After installation, the trap acts gradually in the area. To obtain satisfactory results, it is important that a fly larvae control protocol has been implemented in nearby livestock buildings, in particular using auxiliary insects.

This trap offers:

  • Effective outdoor stable fly capture
  • Ecological solution, no chemicals used
  • Easy to install and handle
  • Specific control of Stomoxys calcitrans
  • Quality materials for long life

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