Fly and midge egg predators

(Macrocheles sp)

Biomite is one of the elements of biological control against flies and midges. This predatory mite consumes the eggs and young larvae of a large number of species of flies and midges. Biomite is released in the litters where it will be able to quickly develop further. It is a valuable complementary part in controlling fly and midge populations.

How does it work

Once released, the predatory mites directly start predating eggs and very young larvae of flies. They consume the various species found in farms, such as house flies, stomoxys, fruit flies or fungus gnats. Biomite can consume up to 15 L1 larvae of Stomoxys calcitrans per day. They quickly settle in the drop zone and its action is fast. Biomite can be used alone for midge control but is always used in combination with Biofly, Biopar or Biowasp as part of an intergrated fly management system.

Biomite eating

fly eggs

How to apply

Biomite can be applied a few times during the season as part of a fly control program. Scatter the contents on areas where fly larvae and pupae are found such as litter, manure or wet areas with organic matter. Use Biomite on slatted floors, in litter, in manure or compost areas at the rate of one Biomite tube for approximately 250m². In case of heavy infestation of flies or gnats, repeat the release at 1 or 2 week intervals.

Biomite is a living product, composed of auxiliaries for biological control and can therefore be used in organic or conventional agriculture.

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