Predatory worms of mealworms in broiler houses

Mealworms (Alphitobius dipaerinus) are a pest in chicken and turkey farms. They participate in the premature aging of buildings, damage insulation and are vectors of pathogens for poultry. Darwin is a live product containing entomopathogenic nematodes which will act by killing mealworm larvae and nymphs. Unlike insecticides, there is no risk of resistance with the use of biological control organisms.

How does it work

Predatory worms are sprayed on the surface of the litter to reach the mealworms. It is useful to spray well under feeders and scales as well as around walls and partitions that serve as refuges for beetles. Once in contact, the nematodes will penetrate the mealworm larva to kill and consume it. Spraying is important so as to bring thenematodes into contact with the pests. This spraying can be done using a knapsack sprayer, a sprayer on wheels or using the Nema-T-pot which is connected to a hose at a water inlet. Application can be done in the presence of animals and does not require special protective equipment.

Once sprayed on the litter, the microscopic predatory worms kill the mealworm larvae and nymphs in 24 to 48 hours.

How to apply

Darwin nematodes are packaged in sachets of 250 million and treat an area of ​​250 square meters. One sachet is diluted in 20 to 35 liters of water. It is necessary to treat only in the presence of larvae or adults because the treatment is not preventive. Carry out a first treatment as soon as the larvae appear under the feeders or the scales. Then a second treatment at the end of the batch, just after the animals have been evacuated, ideally before the building has cooled down. In turkey production a 3rd pass can be considered at the time of loosening. The treatment at the end of the strip makes it possible to touch the pre-imaginal larvae before they migrate into the partitions, equipment or the ground. By doing so, the mealworm populations are drastically eroded and successive recontaminations are avoided.

Darwin nematodes are living beneficial organisms and should be used promptly after receipt. However, they can be stored in the fridge for a maximum of 4 months.

Darwin can be used in combination with teh Tenedrop beetle trap or with conventional mealworm control methods; Please contact us for more details.

Counting test of mealworms in turkey and chicken buildings before and after treatment (+1 week) at a dose of 1 sachet for 250 square meters and 30L of water per sachet.

The application of Darwin nematodes can be facilitated with the use of the Nema-T-Pot. Pour the sachet with nematodes into the tank and mix with water until the tank is full. Connect the device to a pipe. Set to 126 for spraying one sachet with 25L of water. This spraying can be done on a maximum surface of 250 square meters.

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