Trap for mealworm adults (litter beetles) in broiler poultry and broodmares.

Used for population monitoring or mass trapping of adults, the Tenedrop litter beetle trap is easy to use and maintain. Placed on the litter, it can collect several kg of beetles in a few weeks.

How does it work

Composed of three elements, it is easy to use and allows the monitoring of mealworms or their mass trapping. Traps can be slightly buried in the litter to maintain their stability.

The mealworms are first attracted by the food contained in the trap but also by the hiding place it provides. The first individuals captured emit a pheromone that will attract congeners.

The sharp edges of the cone allow individuals to climb up to the neck and fall into the bowl. Once in the bowls they can no longer come out.

How to apply

Place the traps on the litter, near food chains or walls. Put a handful of food at the bottom of the bowl to capture the first individuals.

Empty the contents regularly into a garbage bag that you can put in a freezer to kill the insects. When emptying the traps, be sure to leave a few adult individuals in the trap to improve the attraction of other beetles.

You can use up to 1 trap per 100 square meters of litter.

Organic poultry farmer, Jérôme Caillé:

'When you are an organic breeder, you look for biological ways to protect your animals'

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