Nature's Own Fly Control

Even with the best hygiene and husbandry in place, equestrian environments provide a multitude of ideal breeding grounds for flies.

Health risk

As well as being highly irritating to horse and rider, they also cause difficult behaviour as your horse tries to escape them. Flies also present a health risk as vectors of disease and infections can quickly spread through a yard where flies will go from horse to horse. Fly strike is possible from eggs laid on open wounds then hatching into maggots.

The reality is, once you need to start using fly repellents, there are already flies breeding at your yard.Fly control using fly predators tackles flies at the source before they become a problem. Fly predators are tiny beneficial insects, harmless and nuisance-free to all animals and the environment, yet they are highly effective at controlling flies in equestrian environments by killing them in their developing stages.

BESTICO Integrated Fly Management system

The key to successful fly control is always prevention at its source. Our integrated fly control system is a unique approach. We utilise a range of different insects and baited fly traps to target each life stage of the fly.

Biomite (Fly egg predators)

Predatory mites targeting fly eggs in any fly breeding during the summer months.

Biofly (Fly larvae predators)

Fly larvae control for tanks, channels, collection pits and lagoons.

Biopar/Biowasp (Fly pupae parasites)

Fly pupae control for buildings with deep litter, calf pens and hutches, muck heaps etc.

Appibuster (Bucket fly trap)

An innovative bucket trap intended to target the adult life stage of flies around the farm yard. When combined with BESTICO’s fly bait, it is extremely effective at capturing high volumes of adult flies.

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A successful approach to biological fly control is based on strategically planned releases.

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