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Pigsties are areas of predilection for the development of flies and gnats. These diptera find the perfect conditions for their development and abundant food. The proliferation of these insects can have consequences on the animals and on the production. Although the chemical insecticides widely used make it possible to control the damage somewhat, they can involve problems of safety and resistance sometimes revealing themselves to be expensive and not very effective. The use of beneficial insects such as Biomite, Biofly and Biowasp can be a game-changer!

For a simple and effective management of fly populations in your farm

Have you come across biological fly control using beneficial insects? It has been a very popular strategy amongst pig farmers on the continent to control flies.

The combined use of Biomite and Biofly offers excellent results and easy to use.

BESTICO Integrated Fly Management System

The key to successful fly control is always prevention at its source. Our integrated fly control system is a unique approach. We utilise a range of different insects and baited fly traps to target each life stage of the fly.

Biomite (Fly egg predators)

Predatory mites targeting fly eggs in any fly breeding during the summer months.

Biofly (Fly larvae predators)

Fly larvae control for tanks, channels, collection pits and lagoons.

Biopar/Biowasp (Fly pupae parasites)

Fly pupae control for buildings with deep litter, calf pens and hutches, muck heaps etc.

Appibuster (Bucket fly trap)

An innovative bucket trap intended to target the adult life stage of flies around the farm yard. When combined with BESTICO’s fly bait, it is extremely effective at capturing high volumes of adult flies.

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A successful approach to biological fly control is based on strategically planned releases.

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