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Nature's Own Fly Control

Poultry are impacted by many harmful insects such as flies, red mites, mealworms and mites! Our biological control solutions are adequate for the management and control of these pests.

Red mite

Dermanyssus gallinae is a fearsome parasite. These pests are able to persist in poultry houses for several months without feeding while waiting for the return of the hens. They consume the blood of birds causing anemia, drop in egg production, stress and sometimes mortality. The development of red mites is very rapid and can quickly become problematic for the breeder. All the solutions are in nature and we have discovered the natural predators of these red mite which are Androlis predatory mites and Taurrus predatory mites. Discover them.

A fly infestation can seriously impact upon a multitude of factors within both broiler and layer production yards. Firstly, flies cause stress to poultry which can affect welfare of the animals leading to a decrease in the quality and quantity of eggs produced in layer farms and growth rate reductions within broiler sites. Flies are vectors of various pathogens which can either lead to expensive veterinary treatments or the requirement to cull livestock. Furthermore, it can be an extremely unpleasant environment for farm workers to endure.


A fly infestation can seriously affect laying hen farms. Most of the time the infestations are linked to the development of two species: Musca domesticaeand Fannia canicularis. Flies cause stress to animals, which affects animal welfare and can reduce egg production and quality or animal growth. Flies are also vectors of various pathogens that can lead to veterinary treatments. The flies are also extremely unpleasant for farmers in their daily work. Use beneficial insects to get rid of them.

Litter beetle

In broiler farms such as turkeys, chickens and guinea fowl, the small beetle Alphitobius diaperinus poses a threat to buildings and farm profitability. Here again, alternative solutions to chemical insecticides exist!

BESTICO Integrated Fly Management system

The key to successful fly control is always prevention at its source. Our integrated fly control system is a unique approach. We utilise a range of different insects and baited fly traps to target each life stage of the fly.

Biomite (Fly egg predators)

Predatory mites targeting fly eggs in any fly breeding during the summer months.

Biofly (Fly larvae predators)

Fly larvae control for tanks, channels, collection pits and lagoons.

Biopar/Biowasp (Fly pupae parasites)

Fly pupae control for buildings with deep litter, calf pens and hutches, muck heaps etc.

Appibuster (Bucket fly trap)

An innovative bucket trap intended to target the adult life stage of flies around the farm yard. When combined with BESTICO’s fly bait, it is extremely effective at capturing high volumes of adult flies.

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A successful approach to biological fly control is based on strategically planned releases.

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